UV Flat Bed Printer

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Product Description

This 400×600 and 600x900mm size printer is ideal for personalized gift or item, the printing quantity usually is not so huge,so an desktop size will be better to meet their needs for its small space-taking, and lower price.And small size printer usually is easy operated, which make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. The built-in UV-LED lamp cures the inks instantly as they are printed for rock-solid, durable imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and more.

*Auto Height Sensor: Smartly Detect the
*Distance between Media and Printer Head
*UV Light Brightness Switch: Adjust UV light Brightness to Fit Curing Needs
*Power Clean: Printer Can be Cleaned Even Without Connection to Computer
*Can Print on Almost Any Material Directly
*Ideal for Industrial Bulk Production with High Printing Speed
*Finished Products is Water Proof, UV Proof, and Scratch Proof
*Finished Product is Suitable for Outdoor Use
Max print size                      : 23.62″x35.43″/16″x24″ inch
Printer head                         : EPSON DX5
Print resolution                   : Max 1440*1080 dpi
Printing speed                     : About 180seconds for 720*720dpi, with 400mm*600mm size
Printing method                 : Continuous Production is available
Max Media weight             : 40 KGs NET.
Operating system               : Windows7/Windows10/Windows 95/98/XP/Vista
Interface                               : USB port
Languages                            : English
Ink colors                              : CMYKWWWW
Ink type                                 : UV INK
Ink system                            : CISS built inside with ink bottle
Ink supply                             : 1000 ml/bottle
Height Adjustment             : Automatic with sensor.
Driving Power                      : 110 V/ 220 V.
Power consumption            : 380W
Ink Consumption                 : 30 ML/SQM.
Software                                : SAi PhotoPrint
Gross Weight                       : 206Kg/246Kg
Net Weight                           : 106Kg/146Kg


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